Opera 8

I put that little button, which btw looks so much better in Opera, than at my office’s IE, just because I’m such a huge Opera groupie. But as it turns out, I’m referring all sorta people to use Opera, and people visiting this blog have been downloading Opera even as I write this! Next I intend to put up some Ubuntu ads and a even a Paypal “Donation” button. 😛 Go people go! Get Opera NOW!


BlogMad invites

I’ve got 30 of them, so if you want, leave a comment to this post. In case you did’nt know, BlogMad is a service that puts your blog right on the map, and drives ridiculous traffic to your blog. The service is in beta stage now, and will be launched soon. Till then all I ask of you is to click on the BlogMad button in the promo section in the right-hand column to sign-up. Thank you and happy blogging!

#1 woohoo!

Alright so there are’nt too many blogs listed there, but in my sad little life, this is somewhat of an achievement. This blog as of right now, is rated #1 at IndianBloggers.com, in the Video Games category. Take that Duttan! 😛 To all those who came here, thank you and remember to keep hitting F5 on those browsers! The little 88×31 pic in the Promo section informs my current position in the list.

Update: So Duttan moves marginally ahead. Good for him, seems he updates his blog quite regularly.

ExoSee: private p2p with your buddies

ExoSee, is a spyware free p2p app. that lets you establish a private network with other ExoSee users, and the best part about this is, that the network does’nt get any bigger than 40-50 people at any given time. It gives the option to password protect folders, and chat ability. And the best of all, its lightweight and free.

Get it here.

Sony goes Steam’s way for PS3…

Apparently Tetsuhiko Yatsuda of SCE Asia has announced that users of the upcoming gaming behemoth PlayStation3 will be able to download the games directly to their consoles via a special “service” provided by Sony. He claims this will cut down on the piracy that is so rampant in Asia. Sure. See how well it worked out for Valve and Steam. There’s absolutely no cracked Half Life 2 or Counter Strike Source copy out there. Whatever. Read more here.

Razorback bites Euro dust…

Razorback, the powerhouse of content for most of the eDonkey’s users was shut down by European Cops and its owner arrested. This move was initiated by the MPA, who also claimed that the server provided access to “bomb-building instructions”. Yeah right, MPA! And, if you look hard enough, you’ll find one of those oh-so reclusive WMD’s in there too.

Here’s the Reg article.

Something new, something old…

This is just a teaser post, and the posts to come in the future in this category will contain reviews of games that have been released in the past. See, I don’t have a gaming rig capable of playing the latest games to their full potential, and anyway sites like Gamespot and Gamespy have people who can do these things better than the rest. Say you bought a game 5 years back, and played it for a while and put it away. Now after all this time you think how that game really was, and whether its a good plan to re-install it. This is where I come in. I own a lot of old games, and I play them on a regular basis. This category will contain their reviews and whether they’re worth re-installing, or in some cases, installing fresh. So, wait for a few days, I’ll probably post the first review on Saturday. Till then, stick around.. go on read the article about Dave Perry and the one about GTA.