Windows Vista apparently won’t….

Suck. Or, that’s what the review at ExtremeTech says. The new Windows will feature robust networking and with features such as SuperFetch, which will make working with frequently used apps. in windows a lot easier. Hmm.. let me see now. A Windows OS that has better protection against virii and trojans, has code written from scratch for better stability, and is in general, more user-friendly. Are they sure they still want to call this one Windows?

Read the review here.


3 comments on “Windows Vista apparently won’t….

  1. ol'lo says:

    M$ is known for its super stable OS, security and virus immunity, among others. Hope ‘Vista’ will be one more feather in its hat. :-))

  2. KeN says:

    Hmmm, most of these Viva Microsoft things are Microsoft driven themselves and people who actually believe this crap don’t know a thing.

  3. ol'lo says:

    Used it and just have to say that…..its good if you have a super computer. Still I’m not gonna buy it (happy with my WinME). But we’ll be going “Vista” way anyway in the future…….

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