Opera 8

I put that little button, which btw looks so much better in Opera, than at my office’s IE, just because I’m such a huge Opera groupie. But as it turns out, I’m referring all sorta people to use Opera, and people visiting this blog have been downloading Opera even as I write this! Next I intend to put up some Ubuntu ads and a even a Paypal “Donation” button. 😛 Go people go! Get Opera NOW!


7 comments on “Opera 8

  1. Sukhbir says:

    Go people! Go get Firefox now! 😀

  2. are we competing? I am not interested. 😛

    It’s good to have more bloggers in that category though. 🙂

    U play UT2004 / quake 3 / Counterstrike?

  3. LOL.. a little friendly competition never hurt anyone… and about those games, ummm.. only offline, with loads of trainers and cheats running. If I get online, I get fragged before I can even say hi :P. NFS however’s a completely different scenario…

  4. ldht says:

    Không hiểu lắm !

  5. mel says:


    you’ll be missed very much…. thank’s for being my friend and thank’s for your help in our room ….. it’s been nice knowing ya dom… your a hard act to follow . take care hun ….see ya round …i’ll miss ya load’s…good luck in all you do and i hope you have a good life.all my love mel…XXXXXX

  6. RRGiraffe says:

    There is nothing like Opera, hands down. I hate IE (another fine piece of Microsoft crap, don’t go there), FireFox was too slow and some things didn’t work. I’m a die hard Opera fan. We had Opera to come up with a sparkly OS. Until then, I’ll use Windows as little as possible, take my Ubuntu and jet. 😛

  7. ol'lo says:

    IE = crap
    Firefox = good
    Opera = beyond just great

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