#1 woohoo!

Alright so there are’nt too many blogs listed there, but in my sad little life, this is somewhat of an achievement. This blog as of right now, is rated #1 at IndianBloggers.com, in the Video Games category. Take that Duttan! 😛 To all those who came here, thank you and remember to keep hitting F5 on those browsers! The little 88×31 pic in the Promo section informs my current position in the list.

Update: So Duttan moves marginally ahead. Good for him, seems he updates his blog quite regularly.


6 comments on “#1 woohoo!

  1. Sukhbir says:

    Wow man. Good. You really work hard and update your blog regularly. You deserve it! Keep it up!

  2. dude.

    I don’t need to beg or pay off anyone.

    I post relevant content which gets me hits from google search results and have a large network of friend also.

    Dont post sh*t about someone without any info.

  3. Hey c’mon man, just a little so-called tongue-in-cheek.. if it pisses you off, I’ll take it off. Geez…

  4. I am ok with tongue in cheek, but people interprets stuff differently.

    Can’t u rephrase it and remove the “payoff” thingie?


  5. Done. Hope you like the new rephrased version.

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