It’s not exactly nukeuleear science…

First, the word itself. Dubya was making a speech about how India and US should share some information and work together on energy projects or something.. I could’nt get what he was trying to get across, since the guy keeps on pronouncing nuclear as nukuleear. All of you’ve heard it before, and laughed your respective asses off. I still can’t understand how americans can accept this guy as their leader with a straight face. Rather than putting him in charge of important things like military decisions, they should just have him making these ridiculous speeches everywhere. And now that he’s coming here, he’ll start with his usual rants, about how he’s going to curb terrorism with India’s help and some such. Blah, give him a lollipop, stick a “dunce” cap on his head, and leave him out there to entertain the world.


2 comments on “It’s not exactly nukeuleear science…

  1. Naveen kumar says:

    i agreeee

  2. RRGiraffe says:

    George Bush should’ve switched places with Laura. No, bad idea. The future generations need to be educated – properly. Hey, he’d make a fabulous clown and he wouldn’t need to dress up either. 😛

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