Hail Ubuntu…

Yup, only a couple more days to go, and then I’ll officially jump onto the oh-so-sweet Open Source bandwagon. My Ubuntu v5.10 CD’s should be arriving soon, and at this point of time I’d like to thank one Mark Shuttleworth, for being a supercool millionaire and spending his bucks in promoting the Open Source movement. See, unlike the rest of the guys with a million bucks, who’d rather jump out of hot-air balloons, or ride in them, Mark runs a company called Canonical, which funds Ubuntu, and their free-CD initiative. In case you don’t have yours yet, get it off Ubuntu’s site now!


2 comments on “Hail Ubuntu…

  1. Sukhbir says:

    I also requested the free CD’s. How much time does it take to be shipped?

  2. If you go with the options from the drop-down list, expect the CD’s to arrive in about a month’s time. If however you’ve a custom need, and filled out the custom need form, then the Ubuntu people will have to ok your query first. After they feel that your query is valid and can be fulfilled, they’ll ship it and should reach you within a month’s time. I think there should be an option for a DVD too, carrying around 5CD’s is just too cumbersome.

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