There’s a god, and his name is …

Rockstar. When I got interfaced to my first ever GTA game, back in 2001, the GTA2, I was amused, but lets say, not taken aback. GTA2 had violence, cursing and vehicular man-slaughter, everything a game should’ve. But it did this with an interface not much better than the Frogger of days of yore. It was with this man’s vision, that DMA morphed into Rockstar North, a fresh new breath of life was pumped into the GTA franchise, and…

…Hillary Clinton’s long series of headache’s were about to start. GTA3 brought fans a third-person view to the action, which should’ve been done from the first place. Vice City came next, with my favourite soundtrack ever, and with Ray Liotta doing the VO for the very charismatic Vercetti. Definite Scarface references were embedded in the game, and this added the touch Rockstar was looking for. Then was San Andreas, with the Hot Coffee incident and the worse cursing ever seen or heard in a game. Watching CJ call his own brother a m*therf**** was worth the cash. Watching Hill’s Clinton crap her pants was priceless.

You know the rest, with the violence, drugs, adult situations, corrupt cops and politicans, girls with loose morals and even looser wardrobes, and best of all, the ability to beat up hookers, which by the way, should be unanimously made a pre-requisite for all games.

Liberty City Stories is up next, and with the rumours running rampant are anything to go by, then expect LCS to be released on PS2, and the PC. But that is not R*’s claim to fame. Titles like Manhunt, Midnight Club,and the upcoming Bully push this game powerhouse into a whole different league of their own. These are the guys who ditched a chance to go the official screening of induction of GTA: Vice City into a museum somewhere in Europe to go the World Porn Awards in Vegas, and actually present awards there! I mean, how could you not worship these guys?
A little update: R* has announced job openings at their official site. Job vacancies include game developers and game design leads. I believe interviews for pornstars are also scheduled, but those take place in the Rockstar Lab.

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One comment on “There’s a god, and his name is …

  1. Sukhbir says:

    Every game in the GTA series is like religion for me.

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