Shiny’s Dave Perry exits…

With Atari biting the dust yet again, (what is that, the 25th time this year alone?) their sister concerns have started to feel the heat. Shiny, the people who gave us the most underrated games of this side of gaming, the MDK 1&2, and unfortunately the Matrix games too, will be taking the fall, as their frontman Dave Perry has left the company to pursue other goals. Personally, I think Atari or Infogrames, or whatever it is called now, should just shut shop, or sell itself to Microsoft now, while they can with some grace. Anyway I’ve always liked this guy’s efforts and views on gaming, and it’s pretty sure that whatever-is-left-of Atari was holding him back. Here’s a small bio of him at MG. Good luck to ya, Dave, maybe you could put MDK3 into motion… 🙂

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