Opera goes Desi…

Yup its true, Opera, the best damn browser on the planet has announced its Indian presence, and they’ll be moving to Chandigarh, if this post is anything to go by. Welcome Opera ASA, you’ll find a whole lotta Opera users in this country. Unfortunately, some IE users tend to creep in too and spoil all the fun.


4 comments on “Opera goes Desi…

  1. Sukhbir says:

    Wow! That is soo cool. I am in Chandigarh only. LOL. But no way am I giving up Firefox.

  2. Another Firefox user. Now before this turns into an all out tussle between us, with me being an Opera groupie, and you Sukhbir, being a FireFox fan, I’d say we both agree on one common point. It’d be a friggin’ cold day in hell before any of us resort to using IE. Anyway, while on the topic, I hope I can work on my supafly coding skills some more, so that Opera India can give me a shot 😀

  3. RRGiraffe says:

    Go, Opera, go! I’m a die hard Opera freak. Why are there people who don’t like Opera? It kicks ass. It’s the best, fastest, best-looking and loaded with features. People must get out of the IE and FF ruts and just live a little. 😛

  4. Yet another reason to get out of this f… place 😛

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