All worship the great Cena…

or that’s what Vinnie Mac wants the WWE fans to do. At NYR, Vinnie took a chance and gave the belt to Edge, and after a long time did something right. But as soon as he saw Cena getting heat from the crowd, he quickly ordered the rematch the next week, and obviously Edge loses the belt. Apparently VinnieMac thinks that Cena “should” be over with the crowd, even though it’s pretty much obvious that people hate Cena at this point. He went overboard with making him that weird star-trek like platform at NYR, but that was a total waste of money, since the crowd was busy boo-ing his ass off. Lets just hope RAW does’nt go to New York anytime soon, because if it does, Vince will have a real tough time keeping Cena as face, with about 50,000 fans calling him, Cena, and the writing staff a$%holes.

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