A new “Breed” of…

… crap, that is. The game itself was rumoured to be somewhat of a “Halo-killer”, and turned out to be a total fizz. I managed to get this one, and when I did install it unwillingly, and ran it, the game returned a “Unable to create a depth buffer” error. This to you means that the game requires a true T&L gfx card to even run. To me it means another total waste.

Hmmm… let me try to understand this here. First they make a crappy game, which means they’re cutting down on their intended audience. Next, they hard-code it to run only on systems with true h/w T&L. Which, when this game came out, not many people had. All this translates into a bad game made worse by its lack of support, poor thinking on the part of the developers, and the fact that more than the majority of their audience did’nt even have the hardware to play the game. And then CDV comes out and says its disappointed in its effort. Uhh, hello! You guys did’nt make an effort. If you did, you would’nt have a waste of about 700MBs on your hands. And this just puts the icing on the proverbial cake. When I opened up the readme, and clicked on Brat Design’s official site link, I got a 404 error. For those still interested, the site points to http://www.brat-designs.com and not http://www.brat-design.com. In either case, I don’t think they’ll be getting any publishers soon. So, I’m off to write this one on to a blank CD. It’ll only cost me 10 bucks, and frankly, if you ask me, its not even worth this.

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